Book Art

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This work is a dialogue between efforts to maintain the genre of Book Arts while exploring non-traditional art forms incorporating techniques such as “Chin Colle” collographs, silkscreen, and applying paste paper to the overall design.

“This reflects years of working in a variety of media. Having majored in ceramics, I continually draw myself to the idea of the container. I love the discipline of exploring new ways to push the boundaries of form while staying within the genre of bookmaking. This allows me to incorporate word and image, to explore content along with form. For inspiration, I look to patterns in nature and architecture (especially churches), and most recently Asian interiors. When I see something that inspires, whether form or pattern, I imagine how it could translate into art. I have an etching press in my studio and spend time printing, silkscreening and making paste paper. A saying placed near my worktable reads, “Find what you love and deepen into it.” I follow that pulse when I am working. I love the “conversation” that develops as I deepen into my work; one accident precedes a new discovery, that leads to another exploration, and so on. Work becomes play and experimentation leads to a new wave of ideas.”